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Mont Marte Watercolour Mop Brush Artiste 8

Mont Marte Watercolour Mop Brush Artiste 8

Brands Mont Marte
Product Code:PRDT2022041805971
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  • ₹1700.00

  • Taklon bristles taper to a point
  • Maintains shape well after use
  • Excellent water holding capacity
  • These synthetic bristles are a great alternative to squirrel hair brushes
  • The short wooden handle is approximately 150mm long and features a stained rubbed/antique effect and a clear gloss lacquer finish
  • Holds paint well
  • Handy hints:
  • Rinse with mild soap water to remove excess paint from bristles
  • Techniques:
  • Wet brush
  • Dry brush
  • Glazing
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