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Clay and wood carving tools

Mont Marte Paint & Sculpt Shapers Signature 5pc

Mont Marte Paint Shapers are a unique tool to add to your artist's kit. The set contains Paint Shapers, each with a different flexible rubber nib to apply and remove paint. Explore the wide variety of techniques possible with Mont Marte Paint Shapers.


Mont Marte Clay Varnish Gloss Signature 4.05oz (120ml) Clay Sculpture Sealant

Protect, seal and strengthen your clay creations with our Gloss Clay Varnish. This varnish dries to a clear glossy finish and is ideal for polymer and air hardening clay. Plus, this waterproof varnish dries hard, making it great for a range of projects, from smaller jewellery pieces to sculptures or sealing your DIY plant pot. So, pick up a bottle of our glossy clay varnish for a quick and easy way to finish and protect your hard work.


Mont Marte Wood Carving Set Premium 12pc

Carve and create with this set of 12 premium quality chisels. They feature high carbon steel (SK2) blades that are sharp from the get-go and ready for your woodcarving projects or linocuts. With a variety of chisel profiles included, you????ll be able to achieve a range of cutting styles such as curves, straight lines and finer details.

* High carbon steel (SK2) blades
* Excellent sharpness and wear resistance
* 12 varied profile chisels
* Suitable for woodcarving and linocuts
* Beech wood handles


Nara Liquid Polymer Clear 30ml

 Liquid polymer clay is what it sounds like: polymer clay in liquid form.
 * slightly sticky * medium-density liquid that does not require softening * bakes the same way as regular polymer clay * slightly more flexible and behaves in a completely different manner in its raw state. * "translucent" refers to objects that allow light, but not detailed images, to pass through. Function: - Moistening dry clay - Attaching raw clay to baked clay - Thinning clay to make it soft for painting effects or syrup - Repairing broken polymer clay items - Filling in spaces in the clay to avoid bubbles - Securing other materials that will be baked into your piece - Fusing raw clay pieces as you're building Package included: 30ml Nara Liquid Clay x 1 Bottle


Mont Marte Clay Tool Set 11pcs - MMSP0002

  • Carve, cut and smooth with the curved end. The Spearhead end cuts small straight lines and is perfect for creating fine details. This small metal brush creates multiple fine textured marks.
  • Remove clay in square in large flat areas with the open loop end. Carve, cut and smooth with the curved end.
  • These tool ends are the perfect size for hand drilling holes for salt and pepper shakers in green ware.
  • The needle point end is ideal for placing delicate objects or scratching in fine details. Carve, cut and smooth with the curved end.
  • This tool is often referred to as a spoolie. It is great for cleaning rough spots on green ware in delicate or hard to reach places.
  • The curved tool has a small sharp blade which is great for removing small areas with straight edges. The angled end is great for cutting small detailed areas.
  • The angled tool is invaluable for flattening areas in hard to reach places. The needle point can create small holes, texture marks or can assist in placement of small objects.
  • Use the slightly forked end to create wood like texture or sgraffito effects. Spearhead ends cuts small straight lines and etches fine details.
  • The curved blade with the flat end lifts small areas with straight edges. Use the slightly forked end to create wood like texture or sgraffito effects.
  • The curved blade cuts, carves and smoothes clay. The large spearhead blade is great for deepening details and making longer cuts.


Mont Marte Boxwood Mini Clay Modeling Tools 10 Piece

  • Create textured grooves with the forked end and carve out concave areas with the small curved tool.
  • The rounded ball end can smooth out hard to reach places while the pointed tool shapes fine details with precision.
  • Cut and contour with the large blade end and smooth surfaces evenly with the rounded end tool.
  • The rounded paddle end can be used to gently flatten areas and the hooked end incises and removes clay with accuracy.


Mont Marte Single End Tools 6pce

  • The large triangular tool defines wide inclined areas. Shape and position features with the flat round end.
  • This sharp angled ribbon tool carves out clay in hard to reach places. The wooden tool end incises fine lines.
  • Create uniform indentations with the curved ribbon blade. Produce level surfaces with the wide flat paddle tool.
  • Remove clay and form even shapes with the ribbon tool. Make fine details and texture with the flat rounded end.
  • Use this small flat ribbon tool to cut and level clay. The wooden end shapes, smoothes and carves.
  • Define large areas and regulate clay thickness with this ribbon tool. Slice small objects and make linear marks with the wide wooden end.


Wood Carving Chisel Set - 12 Piece Sharp Woodworking Tools with Carrying Case

  • The 12PC Chisel Set is ideal for wood carving, carpentry, and home use
  • Each chisel tool has a comfortable-grip handle; it improves control and precision
  • Each chisel tool has a comfortable-grip handle; it improves control and precision
  • Material: Carbon Steel, Wooden
  • Package Inclusions: 1 x 1/2 inch wood chisel 1 x 1/4 inch wood chisel 1 x 1/4 inch round nose chisel 1 x 1/4 inch square wood chisel 1 x 1/4 inch skew wood chisel 1 x 1/4 inch diamond point chisel 1 x 1/4 inch curved chisel 1 x 1/4 inch ???U??? gouge 1 x 1/2 inch woodturning gouge 1 x 1/2 inch straight gouges 1 x 9/16 inch straight gouges 1 x 1/2 inch parting tool.


Wooden Handle Pottery Ceramics/Clay DIY Tools Set 5PCS

5 sets of Carving Tools
5 Different Tools.
Material: Solid Eood
It is suitable for ceramic production, clay sculpture production and handmade art production.
To draw a needle, as for drawing, depicting, or punching.
Plastic knife, an auxiliary tool for shaping complex shapes.
A knife used to remove excess clay from the surface or bottom of a vessel.

Package Included:

1 x 5PCS Wooden Handle Pottery Ceramics DIY Tools Set


Wooden Clay Tools With Double Sided Pottery Ends Set Of 10

  • 10 High Quality Wooden Tools With Double Sided Sculpting Ends
  • Each Tool Measures Approximately 15 To 15.5 cm
  • Constructed Of Durable Wood
  • Produces Smooth, Clean Cuts In Clay. Best Choice For Sculpting, Pottery And Other Clay Projects!
  • Package Contains :- Assorted 10 Piece Wooden Tools


Plastic Carving Modelling Tools set of 8pcs

  • Add simple but effective details to enhance your cake decoration with this amazing set of tools.
  • This pack is a must have for all bakers and clay artists.
  • This kit includes: Bone tool, Shell & Blade Tool, ball tool, Serrated Tool, Bulbous Cone Tool, Flower / Leaf Shaper Tool, Star Tool, cone and star tool


Chrome Ceramic 11 Pcs Wooden Handle Pottery Tool Kit

  • 11-piece assorted pottery clay sculpting tools set
  • Material: stainless steel; Size: (approx)13-19.5 cm
  • Tips include a wide variety of shapes
  • Suitable for beginner level pottery and sculpting, create and build any shapes on hand made
  • Convenient to use on many texture: malleable, pliable such as polymer, ceramic clay, wax candles


Wood-Carving Tool Set for Professionals, Carpenters and Hobbyists, Art Tools (Brown) - 6pc

  • Set of 6 Tools for Wood-Carving. Great for Pros and Hobbyists Alike.
  • Good-Quality Metal Blades for Fine Carving and Chiseling. Pen Style Body with Wooden Handles Provides Comfort and Ease of Use.
  • Ideal for Wood-Work, Carving, Lathes and More. Good for Basic Carving As Well As Fine Detailing.
  • includes Knives, Gouges and Chisels of Different Sizes and Shapes


Nature 4PCS Wooden Carving Sets for Artist DIY Craft Working

  • Easy to Storage---Each pack has a durable plastic storage case for better portability.
  • 4pcs Wood Carving Tools---4pcs carving knife set with various shape and complete specifications, meeting your different needs. Great for beginners whether it???s kids or adults.
  • Solid and Durable---Sharp and hard knife edge, smooth and efficient to engrave. Smooth wooden handles make each tool comfortable to hold and use for ultimate flexibility.
  • Multiple Usages---Ideal for wood engraving, rubber stamp pattern carving, whittling, sculpting, graining and scraping, also for plastic, soap, clay sculpture, linoleum, pumpkin, fruits, etc.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee---We greatly value our customers and want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you aren't happy with your shopping experience or product, we urge you to contact us so we can resolve the issue!


Plastic Clay Carving Tool Set - 5

These Cutters Carving Tool is made of high quality plastic , 5 DIFFERENT TOOL SHAPES FOR CLAY CARVING. These clay ceramics pottery tools are designed for clay, art projects, sculpture and other craft projects, also is a great tool for cake fondant decorating flower mold, making dots, smooth lines in clay or embossing on soft metals or paper.


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