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Oil medium

Winsor & Newton Oil Colour Artist Painting Medium 75Ml

  • A slow drying, gloss medium which is ideal for fine detail work, glazing and smoothly blended areas with no brush marks.
  • Reduces consistency and improves flow.
  • Suitable for oiling out and enriching dull patches.
  • Resists yellowing.


Winsor and Newton Refined Linseed Oil Bottle - 75 ML

  • Refined Linseed Oil; 75 ML; Drying Oil
  • Most popular Winsor & Newton oil; low viscosity alkali refined oil of pale colour that dries slowly
  • Reduces oil colour consistency
  • Increases gloss & transparency
  • Add to other oils to slow drying


Brustro Professional Refined Safflower Oil 100ml (75ml + 25ml Free)

Being a clarified vegetable oil, it has low acidity. High resistance to yellowing and has excellent compatibility with pigments. When added to oil paints, it accentuates their fluidity, transparency, and gloss without altering the hue???s brilliance. However, it dries slower than linseed oil but can be safely mixed with it. Only 25% can be added to the total paint mixture.


Brustro Professional Odour-Free Mineral Spirits 100ml (75ml + 25ml Free)

  • For Artists sensitive to odours, this medium reduces the odour while thinning the oil paint just like turpentine oil.
  • It does not leave any trace upon drying and evaporates slowly without degrading over time.


Brustro Oil and Acrylic Brush Cleaner 100ml (75ml)

Brustro Oil and Acrylic Brush Cleaner is Ideal for cleaning brushes, palette knives, palettes, which are coated with color (oil or acrylic), dry mediums and varnishes. Tools cleaned with this product may then be rinsed in water.


Brustro Professional Boiled Linseed Oil 100ml (75ml)

  • Boiled linseed oil Liquifies oil colours and speeds up the hardening giving a gloss finish.
  • It encourages the paint to dry faster and gives a brilliant amber finish adding texture and roundness to it.
  • Excess should be avoided.


Mont Marte H2O Water Mixable Linseed Oil Gel

Mont Marte H2O Water Mixable Linseed Oil Gel Medium is a thickened linseed oil in a unique gel form which produces durable glazes when mixed with water mixable paint. Speeds up drying time slightly.


  • Compatible with traditional oil paint.
  • 125ml


Winsor & Newton Artists Retouch Varnish Bottle, 75ml, Multicolor

  • A UV resistant gloss varnish which gives temporary protection to recently completed oil paintings
  • Quick drying
  • Ensure painting is touch dry
  • Use thinly and not as a medium


Winsor & Newton Liquin Light Gel Medium Bottle - 75 ML

  • Liquin Light Gel; 75 ML; Medium
  • Quick Drying Gloss Medium; Slight Gel like texture that brushes out smoothly
  • Ideal for artists looking for a non-drip effect when mixed with colour; Ideal for glazing
  • Speeds drying (touch dry in 1-6 days depending on colour & film thickness)
  • Resists yellowing; Not suitable as a varnish or final coat


Winsor & Newton Liquin Fine Detail Medium, 75ml

  • This quick drying gloss medium is ideal for fine details, glazing and blending, or to produce a smooth surface picture
  • Speeds drying
  • Resists yellowing
  • Not suitable as a varnish or final coat


Winsor & Newton 75ml Liquin Original

  • Halves the drying time of conventional oil colour (touch dry in 1-6 days depending on colour & film thickness).
  • Resists yellowing.
  • Not suitable as a varnish or final coat.


Winsor & Newton Artists' Picture Cleaner, 75ml

  • A natural resin/oil emulsion containing ammonia designed for cleaning varnished paintings
  • It works by dissolving linseed oil oxidation and will remove surface dirt and the products of oxidation in the old varnish
  • Note that a picture that needs to have old varnish removed should be entrusted to a competent picture restorer
  • Batch colour and settlement may vary


Winsor & Newton 75ml Artists White Spirits

  • A volatile, flammable diluent suitable for thinning oil colours and cleaning brushes
  • Suitable for oil & alkyd colour
  • Slightly slower drying than turpentine
  • Does not deteriorate on storage
  • Country of Origin: France


Brustro Professional Clarified Linseed Oil 100ml (75ml)

Brustro Linseed oil is Extracted from linseed, it is a purified oil with a natural amber tint. Liquifies oil paints while retaining its original apperance. Dries faster than most other oils and adds body to paint. It is best to be used with dark or slow drying colours as it has a tendency to turn yellow over time. Excess usage should be avoided.


Camlin Artist Drying Oil 100ml

  • Camel Artists Drying Oil is linseed oil treated with scientifically developed drier to shorten the drying time.
  • It is compatible with other oils.


Mont Marte Thickened Linseed Oil 125ml

The thick and syrupy consistency of Mont Marte Thickened Linseed Oil improves the flow of oil paints and reduces brushstroke retention. This oil paint medium can be used to adjust the viscosity of paints to suit your requirements.


  • Improves the flow of oil paints
  • Reduces brushstroke retention
  • Mid-viscosity
  • Can be used to adjust the viscosity of mediums to suit your requirements
  • Thick, syrupy consistency


Mont Marte Premium Refined Linseed Oil 125ml (4.23oz)

Enhance the flow and slow down the drying process of oil paints with our Premium Refined Linseed Oil. This mid-viscosity oil paint medium is a great choice for artists who wish to paint quickly using wet on wet techniques.


  • Enhances the flow of oil paints
  • Slows down oil paint drying time
  • Increases gloss
  • Mid-viscosity


Camlin Distilled Turpentine for Oil Colours 500ml

  • Solvent For Cleaning painting tools
  • Can be used to thin oil colours


Camel Linseed Oil 500 ml

  • Camel Purified Linseed Oil is a suitable medium for oil painting.
  • It is doubly-refined to remove all wax impurities to produce a very clear liquid, which does not reacts with or change the shades of the colour used.
  • It adds flexibility to the oil colours.


Winsor & Newton Dammar Varnish, 75ml

  • Winsor & Newton Dammar Varnish, 75ml
  • Brand: Winsor & Newton
  • Winsor & Newton Dammar Varnish, 75ml, Brand: Winsor & Newton


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