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Winsor & Newton Oil Colour Artist Painting Medium 75Ml

  • A slow drying, gloss medium which is ideal for fine detail work, glazing and smoothly blended areas with no brush marks.
  • Reduces consistency and improves flow.
  • Suitable for oiling out and enriching dull patches.
  • Resists yellowing.


Winsor and Newton Refined Linseed Oil Bottle - 75 ML

  • Refined Linseed Oil; 75 ML; Drying Oil
  • Most popular Winsor & Newton oil; low viscosity alkali refined oil of pale colour that dries slowly
  • Reduces oil colour consistency
  • Increases gloss & transparency
  • Add to other oils to slow drying


BRUSTRO Artists Palette Knife (Painting Knife) Assorted

  • The ergonomically designed handles of Brustro Artists??? Palette Knives add increased comfort and grip to every application.Perfect for professional artists, creative hobbyists, art students and art teachers. This has a full range of 18 knives offers the right combination of stainless steel resilience and flexible spring to facilitate any painting application like Gesso, Acrylic Paint, Modeling Paste & Texture Gels. The bend in handles keeps the Artist???s hands off the painting surface.
  • Great palette knife for Mixing, Spreading, and Scumbling,
  • Also excellent for thick painting techniques. Apply paints and pigments directly on the canvas.
  • These high-quality knives have been crafted with the finest stainless steel blade that resists all wear and corrosion from any media including acrylics.
  • The ergonomically designed wooden handle adds increased comfort and grip to every application.


Brustro Artists Varnish - Gloss- 400 ml spray can

  • Its Ideal for protection of acrylics , oil , watercolor, etc
  • Slow drying, non-yellowing varnish
  • Final picture varnish .Dries to a high-gloss finish . Waterproof .
  • Made in Spain


Brustro Professional Refined Safflower Oil 100ml (75ml + 25ml Free)

Being a clarified vegetable oil, it has low acidity. High resistance to yellowing and has excellent compatibility with pigments. When added to oil paints, it accentuates their fluidity, transparency, and gloss without altering the hue???s brilliance. However, it dries slower than linseed oil but can be safely mixed with it. Only 25% can be added to the total paint mixture.


Nara Liquid Polymer Clear 30ml

 Liquid polymer clay is what it sounds like: polymer clay in liquid form.
 * slightly sticky * medium-density liquid that does not require softening * bakes the same way as regular polymer clay * slightly more flexible and behaves in a completely different manner in its raw state. * "translucent" refers to objects that allow light, but not detailed images, to pass through. Function: - Moistening dry clay - Attaching raw clay to baked clay - Thinning clay to make it soft for painting effects or syrup - Repairing broken polymer clay items - Filling in spaces in the clay to avoid bubbles - Securing other materials that will be baked into your piece - Fusing raw clay pieces as you're building Package included: 30ml Nara Liquid Clay x 1 Bottle


Mont Marte Clay Tool Set 11pcs - MMSP0002

  • Carve, cut and smooth with the curved end. The Spearhead end cuts small straight lines and is perfect for creating fine details. This small metal brush creates multiple fine textured marks.
  • Remove clay in square in large flat areas with the open loop end. Carve, cut and smooth with the curved end.
  • These tool ends are the perfect size for hand drilling holes for salt and pepper shakers in green ware.
  • The needle point end is ideal for placing delicate objects or scratching in fine details. Carve, cut and smooth with the curved end.
  • This tool is often referred to as a spoolie. It is great for cleaning rough spots on green ware in delicate or hard to reach places.
  • The curved tool has a small sharp blade which is great for removing small areas with straight edges. The angled end is great for cutting small detailed areas.
  • The angled tool is invaluable for flattening areas in hard to reach places. The needle point can create small holes, texture marks or can assist in placement of small objects.
  • Use the slightly forked end to create wood like texture or sgraffito effects. Spearhead ends cuts small straight lines and etches fine details.
  • The curved blade with the flat end lifts small areas with straight edges. Use the slightly forked end to create wood like texture or sgraffito effects.
  • The curved blade cuts, carves and smoothes clay. The large spearhead blade is great for deepening details and making longer cuts.


Camel Acrylic Gel Medium (100 ml)

A translucent paste for impasto, glazing and texturing. Dries quickly to a water resistant finish. Increases transparency and gloss.

Features :

100 ml
Ideal for professional and amateur artists
Can be used in Mixed Media craft projects


Mont Marte Impasto Acrylic Medium 500ml

  • Perfect for creating texture and 3D surfaces
  • Dries clear
  • Mixable with acrylic paints
  • Retains brush strokes when mixed with paint
  • Clean up with water


Mont Marte Boxwood Mini Clay Modeling Tools 10 Piece

  • Create textured grooves with the forked end and carve out concave areas with the small curved tool.
  • The rounded ball end can smooth out hard to reach places while the pointed tool shapes fine details with precision.
  • Cut and contour with the large blade end and smooth surfaces evenly with the rounded end tool.
  • The rounded paddle end can be used to gently flatten areas and the hooked end incises and removes clay with accuracy.


Mont Marte Modelling Paste, 500ml MPA0041

Mont Marte Premium Modelling Paste is fantastic for creating textured backgrounds on a variety of surfaces. Depth of texture can be built up by adding layers once paste is dry. Small objects may also be embedded into the paste for other 3D effects. Great when applied with Mont Marte palette knives. Clean up with water.


  • modelling paste dries white
  • may be over-painted with acrylic or oil paint


KUELOX Water-Based Fixative Spray 150ml (No Smell)

Kuelox waterbased fixative spray is transparent, non-toxic and doesn't give a smell.

Content: 150ml


Prima Marketing Finnabair Art Ingredients Mini Stones, 7.77 fl. oz

  • These White light-weight stones which are a great for use with gesso gels and pastes to create a customized dimensional effect
  • Package contains 7.77oz of mini art stones
  • The product is easy to use



Mont Marte Studio Palette Knife Set, 5 Piece Steel Palette Knives

  • Variety of sizes: this palette knife set includes 5 different sizes and styles of palette knives
  • High quality blades: all knife painting tools included in this set have flexible, stainless steel blades with no cutting edge
  • Comfortable to hold: wooden handles make each tool comfortable and easy to hold
  • Suitable for oil and acrylic paints
  • Ideal for all levels of artistic ability


Mont Marte Premium Acrylic Medium Matte 250ml (8.5oz)

  • Mix with acrylic paints to create glazes, washes and watercolour effects
  • Increases paint translucency
  • Dries to a matte finish
  • Improves flow for smooth, long brushstrokes
  • Can be used as a finishing varnish to protect acrylic paintings
  • Suitable for a range of surfaces including canvas, linen, cardboard, wood, paper and leather


Mont Marte Premium Gel Medium Matte 250ml (8.5oz)

  • Mix this medium with acrylic paints to create a matte finish
  • Will not overly affect the consistency or vibrancy of paints when the recommended ratio is used (1 part medium to 4 parts paint)


Mont Marte Crackle Paste 250ml

  • Ideal for a range of surfaces including canvas, wood and polymer clay
  • Creates texture and crackle effects
  • Great for building surfaces
  • Opaque finish
  • Suitable for use with acrylic and oil paints


Brustro Professional Odour-Free Mineral Spirits 100ml (75ml + 25ml Free)

  • For Artists sensitive to odours, this medium reduces the odour while thinning the oil paint just like turpentine oil.
  • It does not leave any trace upon drying and evaporates slowly without degrading over time.


Winsor & Newton Acrylic Matte UV Varnish (225 ml)

  • Winsor & Newton Matt UV Varnish; Size: 225 ML ;Professional Acrylic Varnish
  • Provides a protective Matt finish against dirt, grease, pollution, fading and colour shift
  • Dries to an even finish, and can be mixed with other vanishes to vary the final finish
  • Thinly painted acrylic films can be vanished after 24 hours of drying; heavy or impasto layers may need up to a week of drying time before varnishing
  • Can be removed with professional acrylic varnish remover; do not use as medium or on absorbent surface



Brustro Oil and Acrylic Brush Cleaner 100ml (75ml)

Brustro Oil and Acrylic Brush Cleaner is Ideal for cleaning brushes, palette knives, palettes, which are coated with color (oil or acrylic), dry mediums and varnishes. Tools cleaned with this product may then be rinsed in water.


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