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Pallet Knife

BRUSTRO Artists Palette Knife (Painting Knife) Assorted

  • The ergonomically designed handles of Brustro Artists??? Palette Knives add increased comfort and grip to every application.Perfect for professional artists, creative hobbyists, art students and art teachers. This has a full range of 18 knives offers the right combination of stainless steel resilience and flexible spring to facilitate any painting application like Gesso, Acrylic Paint, Modeling Paste & Texture Gels. The bend in handles keeps the Artist???s hands off the painting surface.
  • Great palette knife for Mixing, Spreading, and Scumbling,
  • Also excellent for thick painting techniques. Apply paints and pigments directly on the canvas.
  • These high-quality knives have been crafted with the finest stainless steel blade that resists all wear and corrosion from any media including acrylics.
  • The ergonomically designed wooden handle adds increased comfort and grip to every application.


Mont Marte Studio Palette Knife Set, 5 Piece Steel Palette Knives

  • Variety of sizes: this palette knife set includes 5 different sizes and styles of palette knives
  • High quality blades: all knife painting tools included in this set have flexible, stainless steel blades with no cutting edge
  • Comfortable to hold: wooden handles make each tool comfortable and easy to hold
  • Suitable for oil and acrylic paints
  • Ideal for all levels of artistic ability


Palette Knives Set Of 3 - No's 0,5,14

  • Palette knives
  • Set in smoothly finished comfortable handles
  • Set of 3 - No's 0, 5, 14
  • Forged from superior quality Stainless Steel and then polished to a mirror finish to give the artist a beautiful, flexible tool


Arishto Set of 5 Painting Knives of Various Sizes & Shapes

  • 5 Piece Painting Knife Set.
  • Sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Thin And Slightly Flexible Blades Help In Applying Paint Properly.
  • Bend In Handles To Keep The Artist'S Hands Off The Painting Surface.
  • 5 Assorted knives of sizes 1 to 5. Use for applying paints, pastes & pigments directly on to the Canvas.


Mungyo Painting Knife Plastic MPPK-6

  • Excellent Elasticity and Flexibility. Specially Rounded Edge on the bottom side for perfect scraping. It also gives a softer touch without any scratches to your masterpiece
  • Easy to clean, does not corrode or rust. Tip-Due to the heavy specific gravity of painting knives, they can be dipped into water for easy cleaning after use
  • Head of the palette knife is raised off the table when placed down
  • Ergonomically seamless design and anti-slip grip finishing to maximize comfort and grip
  • Perfect for mixing, impasto and techniques. Much better than steel


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