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Coloured Pencils

Faber-Castell Triangular Colour pencils - Pack of 72 (Assorted)

  • Soft lead, no pressure is required for colouring
  • Ergonomic triangular shape for easy grip
  • The colour pencil provides good coverage
  • It is break-resistant due to SV bonding
  • Includes 6 Neon, 8 Pastel and 10 Metallic Colours


Tombow Colored Pencils, NQ, 24 Colors CB-NQ24C

  • Set of 24 Colored Pencils NQ series with high-quality colour cores ensuring vivid colouring, excellent adhesion, and smooth drawing
  • The "NQ series" coloured pencils feature a yellow tin case. The same quality and design have been maintained since they first came to market in the 1970s, and have enjoyed popularity among many users.
  • Made from high-quality incense cedar
  • Standard and bright colours. Smooth and comfortable drawing


Faber-Castell Black Edition Colored Pencils - 24 Count, Black Wood and Super Soft Core Lead

  • FABER-CASTELL COLORED PENCILS: Experience endless creativity and pure color with Faber-Castell Black Edition. Featuring black wood and a pre-sharpened, soft core pencil lead, your coloring pages will pop with brilliant colors on light, colored, or even dark paper
  • 24 COLORING PENCILS: See your artwork come to life with quality art supplies for professional artists, adults and beginners alike! Faber-Castell colored pencils feature a case of 24 brilliant colors with an extra smooth color laydown thanks to their super soft core lead
  • BREAK-RESISTANT, SOFT CORE LEAD: Faber-Castell colored pencils are professional quality and feature an extra break-resistant soft core lead that is glued the entire length of the pencil to ensure excellent point retention, limitless coloring, drawing, and easy sharpening
  • ERGONOMIC COLORING PENCIL: The Faber-Castell colored pencil features a triangular shape which ensures the correct grip position with optimum comfort, and prevents hand fatigue when creating art. Just add creativity to bring your adult coloring books to life with brilliant color
  • PENCILS FROM REFORESTED WOOD: An eco-friendly coloring pencil choice for drawing and adult coloring, Faber-Castell colored pencils are proudly manufactured with carbon-neutral production and use reforested pencil wood grown in FSC-certified sustainable forests


BRUSTRO Artists Coloured Pencil Set of 24 (in Elegant tin Box)

Every shade has been formulated using finely ground pigments chosen for their intensity and resistance to UV rays. Strong coverage and mixing capacity allow for different applications like drawing, illustration, colouring, blending and layering while the softness enables subtle blending and graduation.

Shades - Ivory, Yellow Sapphire, Lemon, Sunflower, Tuscan Sun, Honey, Turmeric, Yellow Ochre, Pumpkin, Orange, Blood Orange, Rose Red, Carmine Red, Crimson, Magenta, Plum, Fruit Punch, Peony, Flamingo, Pink Macaroon, Coral, Marmalade, Apricot, Peaches & Cream, Fuschia, Lilac, Eggplant, Purple Iris, Ube, Lavender, Amethyst, Blueberry, Ultramarine, Mykonos Blue, Indigo, Periwinkle, Peacock Blue, Robin Egg Blue, Aegean Blue, Ocean Blue, Turquoise, Shamrock Green, Forest Green, Emerald, Fern, Basil, Matcha, Mint, Spring Green, Absinthe Green, Lime, Pear, Moss, Sage, Jade, Coyote, Camel, Burnt Ocher, Cinnamon, Sienna Brown, Passion Fruit, Garnet, Dark Chocolate, Cocoa, Espresso, Smoke, Space Grey, Elephant Grey, Pewter, Charcoal, Noir &White Quartz.

  • Artists' Grade Professional Coloured Pencils includes 72 vibrant shades; 4mm leads. Thick, soft wax-based cores, Highly pigmented and fade-resistant leads
  • Unsurpassable light-fastness. Break- resistant .Blends easily, smooth, rich laydown
  • Excellent colour saturation. Non-toxic


Brustro Artists Colour Pencil Set of 72 ( In Elegant Tin Box )

  • Artists Grade Professional Coloured Pencils includes 72 vibrant shades; 4mm leads.
  • Unsurpassable light-fastness. Break- resistant .Blends easily, smooth, rich laydown
  • Excellent colour saturation. Non-toxic and environment friendly


BRUSTRO Artist Metallic Colour Pencil Set of 12

  • Wax-based 3.3mm leads
  • Shimmering metallic pigments
  • Smooth and rich laydown
  • Blends easily together
  • Break resistant
  • Ergonomic hexagonal barrel


Mont Marte Duo Color Pencils

  • Enjoy double the color with our two-sided pencils. 
  • Draw with one end and flip it around to switch colors in an instant.
  • These pencils are a delight to use; they have rich and velvety textures in a range of brilliant colors that will be perfectly suited for beginners and students.
  • High quality pigments
  • Smooth and even color application
  • Break resistant core
  • Includes 24 double ended pencils

 Brand Name : Mont Marte 
 Type: Duo Color Pencils
Total Color: 48 colors
 Use :School and Home
Model No: SKU: MPN0122


Brustro Neon Pencils Set of 12 (in Elegant tin Box)

  • Wax-based, Bright hues
  • Smooth laydown, Easy to sharpen
  • Break-resistant, Ergonomic hexagonal barrel
  • Lead diameter- 3.3mm, (in elegant tin box)


Brustro Artists Colour Pencil Set of 72 (Tin Box)

Introducing the BRUSTRO Artists Colour Pencil Set of 24 & 72, presented in an Elegant Tin Box ??? a pinnacle of excellence in the world of professional-grade colored pencils. This set is meticulously designed for artists who demand nothing short of perfection, featuring a comprehensive palette of 24 & 72 vibrant shades that breathe life into your creative vision.

Crafted with Artists??? Grade Professional Coloured Pencils, each pencil boasts a 4mm lead, ensuring precision and versatility in your artistic endeavors. The unsurpassable light-fastness of these pencils means your creations will stand the test of time, retaining their brilliance and vibrancy for years to come.

Built to endure the rigors of artistic exploration, these colored pencils are break-resistant, allowing you to focus on your art without the worry of constant breakage. The pencils effortlessly blend colors with a smooth, rich laydown, providing a seamless transition between hues and enabling you to achieve stunning gradients and shading.

The BRUSTRO Artists Colour Pencil Set ensures excellent color saturation, delivering intense and vivid hues with every stroke. Whether you???re a seasoned artist or a budding creator, these pencils open up a world of possibilities for your artistic expression.

Environmental consciousness is at the core of this set, as the pencils are non-toxic and eco-friendly. This commitment to sustainability ensures that your artistic journey leaves a positive impact on both your art and the world around you.

Housed in an Elegant Tin Box, this set is more than just a collection of colored pencils ??? it???s a statement of quality, durability, and environmental responsibility.


Maped Colorpeps Jumbo Pencil 12clr 834010

  • Ideal for colouring enthusiast age 2 plus
  • 5 mm large diameter, triangular shape for better grip, easier and more comfortable use
  • Easy to sharpen, bright colours
  • Box of 12 maxi triangular coloured pencils for easier and more comfortable grip for little hands, easy to sharpen, bright colours


Staedtler Luna Coloured Pencil Set - Pack of 36

  • Rich & brilliant colours, fade resistent, excellent coverage
  • Smooth & soft leads, non water soluble
  • Break resistant leads, extra bonded, easy to sharpen
  • Sharpener inside the pack
  • Includes gold and silver colour


Maped egonomic triangular coloured pencils - x72 pens, Multicolor

  • Triangular wood color pencils for easy and comfortable grip
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Bright colors


Maped Color Peps Color Pencil Set - Pack of 36 (Multicolor)

Box of 36 coloured pencils with 3 fluos, 1 gold and 1 silver
Triangular shape for easier and more comfortable grip, easy to sharpen and bright colours
Box of 36 bright colours
Easy to sharpen and do not splinter
Made with basswood from sustainably grown forests-do not contain rainforest wood


Maped Color Peps Color Pencil Set - Pack of 48 (Multicolor)

Easy to sharpen, do not splinter.
leads have higher color pigmentation gives more vibrant and bright colors
48 assorted rich shades.
soft and resistant lead : 2.9mm perfect for blending.
Grip providing structure ,children friendly.


Mont Marte Graphite Earth Tones 12pc

Explore beautifully natural tones with our water-soluble coloured graphite pencils. This twelve-piece set features the same qualities as traditional drawing graphite with the addition of colour.

They are ideal for creating landscape studies, botanical illustrations and a range of other artworks.

Used dry, these coloured graphite pencils provide a range of shades and offer all the rich familiar qualities of graphite pencils. With the addition of water, the soluble pigments transform into beautiful, deep tones.

Coloured graphite pencils

Can be used dry or with water


STAEDTLER 175 M72 Coloured Pencils, Assorted Colour, Pack of 72

  • Coloured pencil in traditional hexagonal shape
  • Displayed in an attractive tin
  • Easy to sharpener with any quality sharpener
  • 72 brilliant colours


Doms SuperSoft 24 Colored Pencil Flat Tin

  • Bright color
  • Soft colored lead
  • Superior quality natural dyes
  • Comes in Premium Flat Tin Containers
  • Excellent color laydown
  • Country of Origin: India


Faber-Castell Bi-Color Pencil Set - Pack of 9 (Assorted)

  • Best of class color pencils with smooth color rich leads and special bonding that offers good sharpen ability and high break resistance
  • Ideal for beginners age 8+
  • Phthalate free lacquer on our pencils makes it safe for children


Faber-Castell Bi-Color Pencil Set - Pack of 6 (Assorted)

  • Best of class color pencils with smooth color rich leads and special bonding that offers good sharpen ability and high break resistance
  • Ideal for beginners age 8+
  • Phthalate free lacquer on our pencils makes it safe for children


Prismacolor Soft Core Premier Colored Pencils, 36 Pack

  • Soft, thick cores are perfect for shading and shadows
  • Lightfast, richly saturated pigments
  • Ultra-smooth, even color laydown
  • Thick, robust leads resist cracking and chipping making them perfect for adult coloring books
  • 36 premium colored pencils


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