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Art Knives & Blades

Generic WLXY High-Grade 170mm Stainless Steel Carving Knife with Replaceable Blade

  • It usually takes 15-35 days to deliver
  • Brand new imported
  • Type: Hand Tools,Knives, Number of Pieces: 1, DIY Supplies: Electrical
  • Package: Case, Model Number: S-ETP-6661, Application: Sculpture


Mont Marte Hobby Knife Set SK5 Blades MACR0004 -13 Pcs

  • 13 different types of blades
  • 3 removable tools
  • easily to be use on any type of mat


DEZIINE DAFA Precision Knife Fingertip Control (5 Spare Blades Included)

  • This Precision Craft Knife is perfect for intricate and delicate cutting needs.
  • Designed for making detailed cuts or trimming straight edges in tight spaces.
  • This craft knife has an Ergonomic handle which provides complete control whilst cutting, gives you greater visibility, and cuts perfectly straight lines with ease and accuracy.
  • Extremely easy to use and control, you simply hold the knife like a pencil.
  • Included in are five spare replacement blades. Replacing the blade is easy too, just twist the black plastic barrel counter-clockwise to release and insert a new blade.


C-106 Rotary Compass Circle Cutter, Cut Multi Layers, Fabric Paper Leather Vinyl ??? Cut Diameter from

  • Rotary circle cutter + 3 style blades (extra blades are stored in the hidden case on the cutter )
  • Diameter of circle: 3CM- 24CM comes with 2 FREE pencil leads.
  • Ideal for model making, crafts, cutting fabric, paper, leather, vinyl etc
  • FREE spare blades(see back of packaging for information: B-29, RB-1805R, RB-1805S, RB-1805W
  • package also contants include: 2 pcs of pionty blades.


Maped Ultimate Soft Grip 9mm Box Cutter (086410)

  • Double comfort soft areas for the index finger and palm
  • Auto-locking blade
  • Integrated blade snapper
  • Heavy duty . 35"/ 9mm blade



  • Good for industrial applications, commercial art and graphics and home craft projects
  • Quick-spin easy blade change
  • For right- and left-handed use
  • Tool-free blade change
  • Includes 5 spare OLFA KB art blades


DAFA Plastic Cutter for Cutting Acrylic and Sheets

  • Distributor of Dafa Product-Hakimi Stationers
  • Cutter with Handle, in Blister Pack Assorted Blade Size Plastic/Steel Black/Yellow
  • Used for cutting acrylic and plastic sheets


LifeMaster DaFa 45 Degree and 90 Degree Mat Cutter Utinity Knife

The cutter has two angles. 1 side to cut 45 degree, and the other side cut 90 degree.


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