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Nara Liquid Polymer Clear 30ml

Nara Liquid Polymer Clear 30ml

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 Liquid polymer clay is what it sounds like: polymer clay in liquid form.
 * slightly sticky * medium-density liquid that does not require softening * bakes the same way as regular polymer clay * slightly more flexible and behaves in a completely different manner in its raw state. * "translucent" refers to objects that allow light, but not detailed images, to pass through. Function: - Moistening dry clay - Attaching raw clay to baked clay - Thinning clay to make it soft for painting effects or syrup - Repairing broken polymer clay items - Filling in spaces in the clay to avoid bubbles - Securing other materials that will be baked into your piece - Fusing raw clay pieces as you're building Package included: 30ml Nara Liquid Clay x 1 Bottle
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