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Mont Marte

Mont Marte Oil Paints for Painting - 24 Pieces in 12 ml Tubes, Multicolor

  • Smooth buttery consistency
  • Good tinting strength and clean mixing for rich, vibrant colours
  • Colours remain unchanged from wet to dry
  • Slower drying time gives you more flexibility to experiment with layering, blending and brush techniques
  • 24 vibrant colours: Titanium White, Porcelain, Lemon Yellow, Medium Yellow, Yellow Deep, Yellow Ochre, Orange Yellow, Vermillion, Brilliant Red, Rose Madder, Crimson, Purple, Violet, Phthalo Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Monastral, Viridian, Sap Green, Emerald Green, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Raw Umber, Paynes Grey, Lamp Black


Mont Marte Fine Brush Set - 10 Fine Brushes - Ideal Detail Brushes for Acrylic Paints, Watercolours,

  • EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE - The Mont Marte brush set for details contains 10 Taklon brushes with different sizes and shapes: 1 x angled spot liner, 4 x round brushes, 3 x liner brushes, 1 x flat brush, 1 x spot brush.
  • Superior features: The set contains a fine selection of brushes with ultra-fine taklon hair, which are perfect for detailed artwork.
  • Creative painting - With this Mont Marte brush set, you get the perfect basic equipment for creative painting with oil paints, acrylic paints and watercolours.
  • Easy to use: the brush hairs are attached in seamless aluminium ferrules to prevent slipping. The handy handles make the brushes easier and more comfortable to hold.
  • Ideal gift - Mont Marte's fine brushes are a great introduction to professional art supplies. This set is also wonderful as a Christmas or birthday gift.


Mont Marte Paint & Sculpt Shapers Signature 5pc

Mont Marte Paint Shapers are a unique tool to add to your artist's kit. The set contains Paint Shapers, each with a different flexible rubber nib to apply and remove paint. Explore the wide variety of techniques possible with Mont Marte Paint Shapers.


MONT MARTE Acrylic Colour Pastel Paint Set Signature 48pc x 36ml

  • Includes 48 x 36ml (1.2 US fl.oz) pastel acrylic paint colors
  • Pastel paint palette great for modern designs, decor projects and more
  • Good coverage and a creamy texture that dries to a semi-matte finish. Plus, fast drying time for layering paint quickly without muddying colors
  • Suitable for most surfaces including canvas, wood, air-dried clay, plaster, cardboard, paper, leather and some plastics
  • Non toxic and water-based


Mont Marte Gallery Series Paint Brush Set - Watercolour 4pc

Beautiful Pony hair brush set with sleek metallic purple wooden handles and gold ferrules.

This Set Contains:

1 x Round 2

1 x Round 4

1 x Round 6

1 x Mop 12 


Mont Marte Discovery Assorted Brush Set 6pc

This Taklon Brush Set with sleek red handles and black ferrules is ideal for beginners, for a Sip & Paint event or for the classroom.

These sets include a selection of flat and bright bristle shapes, designed for different techniques.

Taklon is a great all-rounder and works well with a bunch of different paints like watercolour, inks, acrylic and oil.

Depending on your paint choice, Taklon bristles do differ slightly. Taklon for acrylics like our range of Taklon Brushes have soft bristles for seamless paint application, perfect for detailed work or background painting.

  • Six brushes in the set

  • Versatile application for most paint types

  • A good selection of different sizes of brushes


Mont Marte Acrylic Brushes Signature 6pc

  • Includes 4 brushes (1 x Round 6,1 x Round 16,1 x Flat 8,1 xFlat 10,1 x Filbert 8 and1 x Filbert 10 )
  • Suitable for acrylic paint


Mont Marte Gallery Series Paint Brush Set - Oil 5pc

1 x Taklon Flat 11

1 x Hog Bristle Flat 6

1 x Hog Bristle Filbert 10

1 x Hog Bristle Filbert 12

1 x Hog Bristle Fan 7


Mont Marte Oil Brushes Signature 5pc

  • 5 brushes included (1 x Taklon Flat 24,1 x Taklon Fan 11,1 x Hog Bristle Flat 18,1 x Hog Bristle Filbert 16 and1 x Hog Bristle Bright 14)
  • taklon and hog hair
  • silver ferrules


Mont Marte Artist Watercolour Brush Premium Round 4

size 4
mixed bristle

* Watercolours range
* Acrylics range
* Oils range
* Gouache range


Mont Marte Artist Watercolour Brush Round Premium 6

size 6
mixed bristle

* Watercolours range
* Acrylics range
* Oils range
* Gouache range


Mont Marte Artist Brush Watercolour Round 8

  • size 8
  • mixed bristle


  • * Watercolours range
  • * Acrylics range
  • * Oils range
  • * Gouache range


Mont Marte Zippered Brush Wallet

  • Protects paint brushes: this paint brush wallet keeps your paint brushes in great condition by protecting the bristles from damage.
  • Holds a range of brush sizes: suitable for all brushes up to 33cm.
  • Compact: easy to carry and store when not in use.
  • Holds up to 22 brushes or palette knives.
  • 2 large pockets for palette or paper storage.
  • Converts into a brush stand: the clever design allows you to easily fold this paint brush wallet into a stand for convenient access to your tools while you work.


Mont Marte Brush Case Discovery

  • Holds brushes up to 33cm (12.9in)
  • Store and transport brushes
  • Plastic case with clip locks for quick access
  • Foam inserts protect brushes
  • 34.5 x 9 x 4cm (13.5 x 3.5 x 1.5in)


Mont Marte Metallic Oil Pastels Signature 12pc``

  • Includes 12 metallic oil pastel colours: Metallic Yellow, Metallic Orange, Metallic Red, Metallic Purple, Metallic Blue, Metallic Green, Metallic Lime, Metallic Brown, Gold, Metallic Black, Silver, Metallic White
  • Smooth, buttery texture
  • Great colour blending and clean colour mixes
  • Suitable for a range of surfaces including paper, card and canvas
  • Oil based and non-toxic
  • Each pastel is paper wrapped to help keep your hands clean


Mont Marte Duo Color Pencils

  • Enjoy double the color with our two-sided pencils. 
  • Draw with one end and flip it around to switch colors in an instant.
  • These pencils are a delight to use; they have rich and velvety textures in a range of brilliant colors that will be perfectly suited for beginners and students.
  • High quality pigments
  • Smooth and even color application
  • Break resistant core
  • Includes 24 double ended pencils

 Brand Name : Mont Marte 
 Type: Duo Color Pencils
Total Color: 48 colors
 Use :School and Home
Model No: SKU: MPN0122


Mont Marte Fabric Paint Medium Premium 250ml

Get your acrylic paints textile-ready with our easy-to-use Fabric Paint Medium 250ml (8.5 US fl.oz). Mix it in with acrylic paint colours of your choice using a ratio of 1:1. You can increase opacity by applying extra layers once the paint is dry. Use this handy medium on clothes, fabrics, tote bags, cushions and more. So, whether you???re looking to try something new or decorate your threads, grab some textile medium to transform fabrics with your colourful creations!

  • Textile medium for acrylic paint
  • Transforms acrylic paint into fabric paint
  • Create custom textile-ready colours
  • Fabric medium makes paint flexible, so it moves with fabric to prevent flaking
  • Use on clothes, fabric shoes, tote bags, cushions and more
  • Try textile painting without needing fabric paints
  • Water-based for easy cleaning
  • Non toxic
  • Mix with acrylic paint using a 1:1 ratio
  • Place a barrier between fabric layers and begin painting
  • Once completely dry, place a cloth over the design and iron for 3-5 mins at 100 ??C (212??F) to fix
  • Washing: Turn garment inside-out and wash on a gentle setting cold cycle 
  • Handy hint:
  • Clean up with warm soapy water while paint is wet


Mont Marte Acrylic Colour Paint Set Signature 48pc x 36ml

Our Acrylic Colours are a great go-to for your art and craft projects. This paint features a smooth and creamy texture and can be used on most surfaces including canvas, cardboard and leather.

  • Dries to a semi-matte finish
  • Good coverage and a creamy texture
  • Fast drying time allows you to layer paint quickly without muddying your colours
  • Suitable for most surfaces including canvas, wood, air-dried clay, plaster, cardboard, paper, leather and some plastics
  • Available in a range of colours


Metallic Acrylic Paint Set Premium 8pc x 36ml

Add some sparkle to your art and craft projects with our Metallic Acrylics Paint Set 8pc x 26ml. They feature shimmering colours, smooth consistency and dry to a silk metallic finish. These metallic artist paints offer excellent covering power and are quick drying, making them great for use in the studio, at home or in the classroom. The very good lightfastness rating means your artwork will keep its lustrous shine for many years to come. Clean-up is a breeze - simply use water for spills and cleaning brushes.

  • 8 shimmering colours with a semi-opaque metallic finish
  • Smooth consistency and quick drying (great for layering)
  • Excellent covering power
  • Very good lightfastness so your artwork will maintain its look for years to come
  • Non toxic and water-based for easy clean up
Handy Hints:
  • To build up opacity use several coats, allowing each to dry before applying the next
  • Select the 'Care' tab to download Care Instructions for usage with our paints and brushes
  • Techniques:
  • Impasto
  • Glaze


MONT MARTE Acrylic Colour Pastel Paint Set Signature 24pc x 36ml

  • Includes 24 x 36ml (1.2 US fl.oz) pastel acrylic paint colours: Titanium White, Pastel Naples Yellow, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Lemon, Pastel Cantaloupe, Pastel Marigold, Pastel Apricot, Pastel Pumpkin, Pastel Blush, Pastel Rouge, Pastel Bubble Gum, Pastel Hot Pink, Pastel Mauve, Pastel Iris, Pastel Egg Shell Blue, Pastel Lavender, Pastel Purple, Pastel Turquoise, Pastel Mint, Pastel Pear, Pastel Chartreuse, Pastel Sage, Pastel Taupe, Pastel Mushroom

Have fun playing around with our Acrylic Colour Pastel Colour Paint Set  The set includes creamy, pastel colours that offer up a great palette for modern design projects. These acrylic paints feature a smooth, creamy texture and good coverage that dries to a semi-matte finish. Plus, they???re fast-drying so you can layer paint without muddying colours, making it ideal for a classroom setting. These versatile art paints work on most surfaces including canvas, cardboard, leather and more. Pick up this dreamy pastel paint set and get started on your next art or craft project.

  • Pastel paint palette great for modern designs, d??cor projects and more
  • Creamy texture with good coverage a that dries to a semi-matte finish
  • Fast drying time for layering paint quickly without muddying colours
  • Suitable for most surfaces including canvas, wood, air-dried clay, plaster, cardboard, paper, leather and some plastics
  • Non toxic and water based


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