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Brustro Twin Tip Marker Set Of 6 (Skin)

Brustro Twin Tip Marker Set Of 6 (Skin)

Brands Brustro
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  • ₹720.00

  • A unique, ergonomic design, non-toxic alcohol based quality ink and ultra resistant fiber nibs produced in Japan.
  • Excellent smudge-proof & waterproof qualities on most surfaces.
  • A Brustro marker consists of two tip sizes. Broad 1-7mm line, Fine 0.7mm, Length: 15 cm. PP barrel & cap guarantee long service life.
  • A wide and a pointed tip is located at each end of the pen, which is designed with ergonomics and aesthetics in mind. * Ideal for graffiti writers, professional comic artist, architect or design student.
  • Brustro Twin Tip Alcohol Based Marker Set of 6 (Skin) in a Blister Pouch.
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