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Winsor & Newton Fine Acrylic 12 Colour Set (10ml Tubes)

Winsor & Newton Fine Acrylic 12 Colour Set (10ml Tubes)

Brands Winsor and Newton
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Winsor & Newton has always been the perfect fit for the creative arts painter known around the world. Taking into account the top series of expensive pigments, we offer more choices. We designed to produce more cost-effective products through reasonable formula. We began to build factories in China as early as in 1997 to produce pigment, and sent from the UK headquarters chemist inspection and monitoring of all products will also indicate the production batch. For health and environmental considerations for artists, our factory in China, all the quality controls are followed within the industry the highest level of standards and the same in Europe, which also includes environmental and hazardous criteria. So, depending on your purpose and use of the painting, we offer more cost-effective Winsor & Newton Acrylic paints. Winsor & Newton artists acrylic paints follows the British special advanced formula production obtained using industry recognized highest level of quality standards, access to the acrylicist unanimously approved. Set of 12 Fine Acrylic Painting Pigment will be your optimal choice. Adopting high-grade material, this drawing pigment is non-toxic. It has stable and fine painting effect. Its color can keep for long time. It can be painted on canvas, drawing board and drawing paper. No matter where, the color is bright and clear. Furthermore, adding new color to the painted place is available. With 12 different colors painting drawing, you are able to draw colorful pictures easily. Set of 12 (Includes Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Medium Yellow, Brilliant Red, Crimson, Blue Lake, Phthalo Blue, Light Green, Pthalo Green, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Mars Black) in a cardboard box.

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