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Pebeo High Viscosity Studio Acrylics - Set of 18 Colours in 12 ML Tubes

Pebeo High Viscosity Studio Acrylics - Set of 18 Colours in 12 ML Tubes

Brands Pebeo
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  • Set of 18 Colours in 12 ML Tubes; Included - Lemon Cad. Yellow Hue, Primary Yellow, Cadmium Orange Hue, Transparent Vermilion, Magenta, Oriental Violet, Dark Ultramarine Blue, Primary Cyan, Cadmium Green Hue, Phthalo green, Hooker's Green, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Payne's Grey, Mars Black and 2 x Titanium White
  • Versatile acrylic paints ideal for professional artists, mixed media artists, hobby artists, students of art & high volume users. Developed with same precision as extra fine acrylics; Vivid, deep & richly pigmented; Great lightfastness & performance
  • Can be used on most surfaces like canvas, wood, metal, board, etc.; Retains the Brush, knife or spatula mark; Can be used pure or with acrylic mediums / studio auxiliaries; Thick consistency makes them ideal for working in dimension; can be combined with Pebeo Mixed Media paints
  • Range consists of 62 colours (48 Satin finish Standard colours, 4 Metallic, 7 Special Dyna Iridescent Colours & 3 Fluorescent colours); Dry to touch in 30 minutes to 1 hr & completely dry in 1-8 days depending on thickness of application
  • Very adherent & permanent after drying and the film is strong & flexible to deformation; Water / Studio Bindex can be used as a thinner; Dyna colours look pearlescent or iridescent depending on the angle of light refraction
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