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Tombow Mono Graph Mechanical Pencil 0.7mm

Tombow Mono Graph Mechanical Pencil 0.7mm

Brands Tombow
Product Code:PRDT2021021103330
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  • ₹240.00

  • Features an innovative shake-mechanism that allows the user to extend the lead by simply shaking the pencil.
  • The lead can also be extended by pressing the clip down. Push the clip upward to lock the shaker mechanism.
  • MONO graph has a 4mm long guide pipe to prevent the lead from breaking and to help with precise work while using rulers and templates.
  • The MONO graph pencil features one of the most popular erasers in Japan. Rotatable, high performance and refillable eraser.
  • Refillable eraser(ER-MG) and lead.
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