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Staedtler Pigment Liner Bonus Sketch Set of 6 Liners for the Regular Price of 4(2 free), 308 SB6P

  • Pigment liner bonus sketch set of 6 line widths
  • 4+2 free pack in stand up easel case
  • Lightfast waterproof smear free ink
  • Long write out length
  • Polypropylene barrel for long life and long metal tip


Artline Drawing System Pen - Assorted Pack Of 6

  • Assorted Pack of 6 Pcs
  • Waterproof Pigment Ink
  • Friction Proof Nib & Fade Resistant
  • Application in areas of Graphic Art, Scrapbooks, Archival Recording, Freehand Art, Fabric Design, Illustration, Cartooning


Omega Mini Drafter

MINI DRAFTER - with heavy Mild Steel Rod due to which line draw in parallel position and may be created in any angle and comes with a protection cover


Mont Marte Hobby Knife Set SK5 Blades MACR0004 -13 Pcs

  • 13 different types of blades
  • 3 removable tools
  • easily to be use on any type of mat


DEZIINE DAFA Precision Knife Fingertip Control (5 Spare Blades Included)

  • This Precision Craft Knife is perfect for intricate and delicate cutting needs.
  • Designed for making detailed cuts or trimming straight edges in tight spaces.
  • This craft knife has an Ergonomic handle which provides complete control whilst cutting, gives you greater visibility, and cuts perfectly straight lines with ease and accuracy.
  • Extremely easy to use and control, you simply hold the knife like a pencil.
  • Included in are five spare replacement blades. Replacing the blade is easy too, just twist the black plastic barrel counter-clockwise to release and insert a new blade.


C-106 Rotary Compass Circle Cutter, Cut Multi Layers, Fabric Paper Leather Vinyl ??? Cut Diameter from

  • Rotary circle cutter + 3 style blades (extra blades are stored in the hidden case on the cutter )
  • Diameter of circle: 3CM- 24CM comes with 2 FREE pencil leads.
  • Ideal for model making, crafts, cutting fabric, paper, leather, vinyl etc
  • FREE spare blades(see back of packaging for information: B-29, RB-1805R, RB-1805S, RB-1805W
  • package also contants include: 2 pcs of pionty blades.


Maped Ultimate Soft Grip 9mm Box Cutter (086410)

  • Double comfort soft areas for the index finger and palm
  • Auto-locking blade
  • Integrated blade snapper
  • Heavy duty . 35"/ 9mm blade



  • Good for industrial applications, commercial art and graphics and home craft projects
  • Quick-spin easy blade change
  • For right- and left-handed use
  • Tool-free blade change
  • Includes 5 spare OLFA KB art blades


DAFA Plastic Cutter for Cutting Acrylic and Sheets

  • Distributor of Dafa Product-Hakimi Stationers
  • Cutter with Handle, in Blister Pack Assorted Blade Size Plastic/Steel Black/Yellow
  • Used for cutting acrylic and plastic sheets


LifeMaster DaFa 45 Degree and 90 Degree Mat Cutter Utinity Knife

The cutter has two angles. 1 side to cut 45 degree, and the other side cut 90 degree.


Drafting Table with board ( Angle Adjustable )

  • FLEXIBLE WORKING - Easily master your designs, artwork or sketches with a fully adjustable (height and angle) table. A cam-operated lever system allows hassle-free adjustment of the drawing board (top) to suit your posture or working height. Use the built-in accessories tray to store stationery such as pens, pencils, scales etc.
  • DURABLE DESIGN - Draw precise and accurate curves, without having to worry about vibrations or shakiness. Built from prime quality CRCA steel tubes with H-type cross-bracing members and leveling bolts at the bottom, the Drawing Table has exceptional multi-directional rigidity and robustness
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Just mount a drawing board of your choice (any material and size up to 23"x32"), using the hardware provided with the product. The stand itself is shipped in an assembled state and requires no assembly on-site
  • PREMIUM FINISH - The stand is epoxy powder coated in a soothing Grey color, to match any working environment. All pipe ends are fitted with molded ABS caps to avoid sharp-edges and give the product appealing aesthetics as well as longevity
  • SAFE PACKAGING - Just sit back and relax after you've placed the order, as DST-I is shipped in a customized heavy-duty and transit-worthy packaging exclusively designed for e-commerce shipments. Your package comes complete with the product, installation hardware and assembly manual


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