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Mont Marte Oil Paints for Painting - 24 Pieces in 12 ml Tubes, Multicolor

  • Smooth buttery consistency
  • Good tinting strength and clean mixing for rich, vibrant colours
  • Colours remain unchanged from wet to dry
  • Slower drying time gives you more flexibility to experiment with layering, blending and brush techniques
  • 24 vibrant colours: Titanium White, Porcelain, Lemon Yellow, Medium Yellow, Yellow Deep, Yellow Ochre, Orange Yellow, Vermillion, Brilliant Red, Rose Madder, Crimson, Purple, Violet, Phthalo Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Monastral, Viridian, Sap Green, Emerald Green, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Raw Umber, Paynes Grey, Lamp Black


Scholar 300 Gsm Watercolour Paper Round Pad (Cold Pressed) (20 Sheets) (RWC8)

  • Professional Watercolor Paper
  • Acid Free For long life
  • Cloth finish covers
  • Unique binding that allows a full lay flat
  • Elastic closure for added safety


Scholar Sketch Pack - Loose Drawing Sheets A4 (270 GSM)

  • 24 Sheets Natural Shade Cartridge Paper
  • 270 GSM
  • Acid Free | Loose Sheets | Optimum Texture | Polybag Packing
  • Suitable Media : Color Pencils, crayons, pastels, marker, fountain pen, charcoal and light paints.


Scholar PARYAVARAN Sketch Book (150 GSM Paper, Flat-Lay Binding, 56 Sheets) (A5) PSJ2

  • Raw Binding | Lay-Flat Binding
  • 150 gsm Forect Friendly Paper
  • Acid Free | Eco Friendly Covers
  • Elastic Band Closure | Sturdy Bottom Board


Scholar PARYAVARAN Sketch Book (150 GSM Paper, Flat-Lay Binding, 56 Sheets) (A4) PSJ4

  • Raw Binding | Lay-Flat Binding
  • 150 gsm Forect Friendly Paper
  • Acid Free | Eco Friendly Covers
  • Elastic Band Closure | Sturdy Bottom Board


Scholar 100% Recycled HB Journal 160gsm A4 - A5

Welcome to our eco-friendly haven of creativity! Our Paryavaran 100% Recycled Paper Sketch Book is the perfect canvas for artists, doodlers, and visionaries who care about the environment. Crafted with sustainability in mind, these sketchbooks are made entirely from recycled paper, giving a new life to old materials


Anupam Ultra Artist Drawing Book - Wireo Bound - 200gsm Cartridge Paper A5

  • High-quality Sketching paper may be used with a variety of media, including graphite, charcoal, watercolors, acrylic paint, ink, and pencil, thanks to its premium surface.
  • ideal paper for sketching, drawing, manga, cartoons, still life, stippling, and experimenting with new techniques in premium sketch paper
  • Natural shade cartridge paper 200 GSM 
  • Type of Binding: Wire-O
  • Type of Paper: Optimal Coarse Texture
  • Acid-free paper and PH Neutral Paper
  • Strong, smooth, and easily absorbing colors and lines, sketch paper is durable, which reduces blotching, smudges, and accidents.
  • Coloring book, sketchbook, and plain book appropriate for professionals
  • Number of Sheets: 25 Pages in all the sizes


Mont Marte Fine Brush Set - 10 Fine Brushes - Ideal Detail Brushes for Acrylic Paints, Watercolours,

  • EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE - The Mont Marte brush set for details contains 10 Taklon brushes with different sizes and shapes: 1 x angled spot liner, 4 x round brushes, 3 x liner brushes, 1 x flat brush, 1 x spot brush.
  • Superior features: The set contains a fine selection of brushes with ultra-fine taklon hair, which are perfect for detailed artwork.
  • Creative painting - With this Mont Marte brush set, you get the perfect basic equipment for creative painting with oil paints, acrylic paints and watercolours.
  • Easy to use: the brush hairs are attached in seamless aluminium ferrules to prevent slipping. The handy handles make the brushes easier and more comfortable to hold.
  • Ideal gift - Mont Marte's fine brushes are a great introduction to professional art supplies. This set is also wonderful as a Christmas or birthday gift.


Faber-Castell Triangular Colour pencils - Pack of 72 (Assorted)

  • Soft lead, no pressure is required for colouring
  • Ergonomic triangular shape for easy grip
  • The colour pencil provides good coverage
  • It is break-resistant due to SV bonding
  • Includes 6 Neon, 8 Pastel and 10 Metallic Colours


Mont Marte Paint & Sculpt Shapers Signature 5pc

Mont Marte Paint Shapers are a unique tool to add to your artist's kit. The set contains Paint Shapers, each with a different flexible rubber nib to apply and remove paint. Explore the wide variety of techniques possible with Mont Marte Paint Shapers.


Artline Pastel Calligraphy Pen 3.0Mm Pastel (All Colour Loose)

Artline was created by the Japanese organisation Shachihata, which has always sought to set the highest standard for its products while maintaining its environmental concern. Shachihata has obtained ISO certification for its Quality Assurance and Environmental Management Systems. The result is a vast range of pens and markers for all purposes, manufactured responsibly to the highest quality standards and renowned worldwide.

Product: Calligraphy Pens,
Tip: 0.3Mm,
Polyester Fiber Tip
Highly Water & Fade Resistant
Quick Drying


Tombow Colored Pencils, NQ, 24 Colors CB-NQ24C

  • Set of 24 Colored Pencils NQ series with high-quality colour cores ensuring vivid colouring, excellent adhesion, and smooth drawing
  • The "NQ series" coloured pencils feature a yellow tin case. The same quality and design have been maintained since they first came to market in the 1970s, and have enjoyed popularity among many users.
  • Made from high-quality incense cedar
  • Standard and bright colours. Smooth and comfortable drawing


SAKURA Gelly Roll Stardust Set of 12

  • [ Limited Edition ] The Stardust range from Sakura is the perfect way to add a sparkle to cards, gifts, and designs, or simply make your notes stand out.
  • [ Special Design] The specialized Gelly Roll ink is designed not to feather, smear, or bleed through most papers, as well as be fade resistant and waterproof.
  • Most suited to light, matte finish papers and cards.
  • Bright colours that are lightfast and wont fade.
  • Pack contains one of each of the following colored pens: Golden, Copper, Red, Pink, Rose, Purple, Sky Blue, Lime Green, green, Blue, Marine and Silver.


DOMS Amariz Candy Artists 6 Flat Brushes

Introducing the DOMS AMARIZ CANDY Brush Flat Set of 6, a delightful collection of flat brushes designed to enhance your artistic creations. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned artist, this brush set is perfect for adding depth and precision to your artwork.

Each set includes six flat brushes with different sizes, allowing you to achieve various brushstrokes and textures. The flat shape is ideal for filling in larger areas, creating bold lines, and achieving smooth, even coverage. It's versatile enough to work with a variety of painting mediums, including acrylics, watercolors, and oils.

The brushes feature soft and durable bristles that are carefully designed to hold and distribute paint effectively. They offer excellent paint absorption, ensuring consistent and controlled application. With these brushes, you can achieve fine details or broad strokes with ease, bringing your artistic vision to life.

The vibrant candy-colored handles not only add a fun and playful touch to your art supplies but also provide a comfortable grip. The ergonomic design allows for extended painting sessions without discomfort. Whether you're working on a small canvas or a larger project, these brushes offer excellent control and maneuverability.

The DOMS AMARIZ CANDY Brush Flat Set of 6 is crafted with precision and durability in mind. These brushes are built to withstand frequent use and maintain their performance over time. With proper care, they will be your reliable companions throughout your artistic journey.

Unleash your creativity and explore new possibilities with the DOMS AMARIZ CANDY Brush Flat Set of 6. Whether you're a hobbyist, student, or professional artist, these brushes will elevate your artwork to new heights.

Add a touch of sweetness to your artistry with the DOMS AMARIZ CANDY Brush Flat Set of 6. Order now and experience the joy of creating with high-quality brushes that bring your imagination to life.


DOMS Amariz Candy Artist???s Round Brushes-Set

  • These 6 Piece Art Brushes suitable for acrylic, watercolor, gouache, enamel, cel-vinyl, oil painting, body, nail, face painting, paint by number, miniature, model, rock, wildlife, botanical, portraiture, doll, illustrations, fine work, art class, DIY & Crafts. Can be used on multiple surfaces including skins, rocks, shoes, wood, glass, ceramic, cups, model ships and airplanes, leather, gesso and more.
  • Round Brush Heads ??? Round Brushes Are great For Fine Details And Lines, Delicate Areas, Spotting And Retouching. Comes In Sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12.
  • Secure Ferrules Are Made From Aluminum, Ensuring No Hair Loss Or Stray Hairs That May Spoil Your Painting.
  • Enjoy Long Term Performance From The Brushes. To Clean Your Brushes, Just Run Them Under Warm Water To Wash Out The Paint And Use Your Fingers To Gently Reshape Brush Hairs.
  • Ideal For Art Students, Hobbyists, Amateurs And Professionals. and also for gifting , art classes art competitions etc
  • Amariz candy artist???s brushes gift idea for friends and families that enjoy painting.



  • Watercolour pencil 3.3 mm lead
  • Excellent lightfastness Soft, vibrant colour laydown
  • Highly pigmented Fully water soluble lead
  • High break resistance due to secural bonding process (SV) Easy to sharpen with all normal pencil sharpeners
  • Caution: Avoid dipping watercolour pencils in water Tin of 12 Available in individual colours and various assorted sets


Faber-Castell Black Edition Colored Pencils - 24 Count, Black Wood and Super Soft Core Lead

  • FABER-CASTELL COLORED PENCILS: Experience endless creativity and pure color with Faber-Castell Black Edition. Featuring black wood and a pre-sharpened, soft core pencil lead, your coloring pages will pop with brilliant colors on light, colored, or even dark paper
  • 24 COLORING PENCILS: See your artwork come to life with quality art supplies for professional artists, adults and beginners alike! Faber-Castell colored pencils feature a case of 24 brilliant colors with an extra smooth color laydown thanks to their super soft core lead
  • BREAK-RESISTANT, SOFT CORE LEAD: Faber-Castell colored pencils are professional quality and feature an extra break-resistant soft core lead that is glued the entire length of the pencil to ensure excellent point retention, limitless coloring, drawing, and easy sharpening
  • ERGONOMIC COLORING PENCIL: The Faber-Castell colored pencil features a triangular shape which ensures the correct grip position with optimum comfort, and prevents hand fatigue when creating art. Just add creativity to bring your adult coloring books to life with brilliant color
  • PENCILS FROM REFORESTED WOOD: An eco-friendly coloring pencil choice for drawing and adult coloring, Faber-Castell colored pencils are proudly manufactured with carbon-neutral production and use reforested pencil wood grown in FSC-certified sustainable forests


Faber-Castell Textile Marker Set of 5

  • Easy colouring of your fabrics
  • Suitable for a wide range of fabrics
  • Colour-fast and washable
  • Fixed automatically after 24 hours or immediately after ironing
  • Suitable for a wide range of fabrics
  • Washable up to 40??C or 60??C for cotton and other natural fibers
  • Tip: new fabrics should be washed before painting to improve ink absorption


BRUSTRO Calligraphy Pen Set of 12

  • Includes an assorted set of 12 vibrant colours; 2mm fine chisel nib
  • Rich in pigments - has a juicy ink flow that is perfect for bold, italic lettering, High quality archival ink that is fade resistant
  • Water-based pigment ink is fast-drying, lightfast and water-resistant
  • Provides crisp, consistent lines even after extended, heavy use; glides on paper.
  • A convenient all-in-one tool for beginners and professionals alike
  • ₹480.00

    BRUSTRO Acrylic (DIY) Marker Set of 3 - Black, White & Gold

    • Suitable for both external and internal use and can be applied on a variety of surfaces like paper, stones, canvas, glass, plastic, wood, walls, porcelain etc.
    • Water-resistant, UV resistant, abrasion-proof, lightfast and non toxic. Store the markers horizontally for optimum user experience. Put the lid back on after use. Must be shaken well before use.
    • The range offers medium round tip markers with 2mm bullet tips making them easy to control and gives artists a smooth flow with great coverage.
    • These matte acrylic markers are rich and highly pigmented. The high grade pigment gives excellent coverage even on dark surfaces and provides colours that truly exude the matte richness.


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