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Anupam Sketch Book - WierO A4 Size Wiro Binding Drawing Notebook Sketching (100 Sheets) - 140Gsm

  • Premium Artist Paper: This heavy A5 fine art drawing paper is best for sketching, drawing, manga, cartoons, still life, stippling and practicing new styles.
  • Package Content: 1 Sketch Book, Size: A5, 100 Sheets, 160 GSM
  • Acid-Free Paper sketch paper is strong, smooth and absorbs colors and lines more readily, reducing blotching, smudges, and accidents.
  • Suitable for all ages colouring book, sketch book, blank pages book.
  • Provides best results with pencil ,acrylic and poster colours.


Khyati Circle Master Template (35 Circles)

The Khyati Circle Master Template is a versatile drawing tool used in mathematics, engineering, and other technical fields. It is made of high-quality plastic material that ensures durability and longevity.

The template features 35 different circles in various sizes, ranging from small to large. These circles are precisely marked and allow for accurate and precise drawing of circles and arcs.

The Khyati Circle Master Template is designed to be easy to use, with clear markings and guidelines that make it simple to select and draw the desired circle or arc. 

The template is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around in a bag or backpack. It is also easy to clean and maintain, requiring only a quick wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt.


Khyati Roll-N-Draw 16cm

The Khyati Triangular Ruler is a versatile measuring tool that is essential for anyone who needs to create precise angled lines or geometric shapes. Made of high-quality materials, this ruler is built to withstand frequent use and is perfect for both personal and professional applications.

With its triangular shape, this ruler allows you to easily draw angles ranging from 0 to 90 degrees. 

It features clear, easy-to-read markings that make it simple to measure and mark lines accurately. The ruler's compact size makes it easy to store and transport, making it an ideal tool for workshops, classrooms, or home use.

Whether you're an architect, engineer, artist, or student, the Khyati Triangular Ruler is an essential tool for your toolbox. 

Its versatility and precision make it perfect for a wide range of applications, from drawing triangles and squares to creating precise angles and shapes. With this ruler in your arsenal, you can ensure that your work is always accurate and professional-looking.


Scholar Sketch Pack - Loose Drawing Sheets A3 270 GSM 24 Sheet

  • 24 Sheets Natural Shade Cartridge Paper
  • Acid Free | Loose Sheets | Optimum Texture | Polybag Packing
  • Available Sizes in each Gsm : A3
  • Suitable Media : Color Pencils, crayons, pastels, marker, fountain pen, charcoal and light paints.


Scholar 270 GSM Artist Pad - Meastro (Wire Bound, 24 Sheets) (A3)

  • 270 Gsm Thick Cartridge Paper
  • Acid Free | Medium Surface Texture
  • Wire Bound | Sturdy Bottom Board | Perforated. This makes it easy to tear
  • Size : A3


Manuscript Creative Calligraphy 3 Nib Set - F / M / 2B Blue

Manuscript Creative Calligraphy 3 Nib Set is the best introduction to calligraphy font styles and widths. The ergonomic design minimises pressure in the wrist and hand, making it a smooth lettering experience. A good option for beginners of calligraphy.

In the pack:

Dodec pen model
3 square edge nibs- F / M / 2B nib
Ink Cartridges (International sized)


Winsor & Newton Oil Colour Artist Painting Medium 75Ml

  • A slow drying, gloss medium which is ideal for fine detail work, glazing and smoothly blended areas with no brush marks.
  • Reduces consistency and improves flow.
  • Suitable for oiling out and enriching dull patches.
  • Resists yellowing.


Manuscript Pen Leonardt Copper plate and Shadow Set MDP2056

  • Crown nib
  • Point nib
  • Shorthand nib
  • Scroll 6
  • Copying nibs
  • Wooden Pen Holder
  • Leonardt Nib storage tin


Manuscript Calligraphy Pen Leonard Round Hand Set MDP2036

  • Manuscript dip pens allow you to create beautiful writing and decorative designs, working in a wide range of media in addition to bottled ink
  • This package contains five nibs (vary in size and style), one 1-1/2 x 2-1/4 Inch compact nib casket and one 6-3/4 Inch dip pen
  • It is an imported product
  • Country of Origin: Wales


Manuscript Calligraphy Leonardt Dip Pen and Nibs Set MDP2026

Calligraphy set with five round Leonardt nibs, expertly crafted to fit easily into the supplied wooden nib holder. Leonardt Dip nibs are available in a variety of widths to ensure the best selection of writing tools for learning and practicing round hand calligraphy. All items included in the set are durable and built to last, ensuring your creative penmanship doesn't have to stop. This set is completed with a vintage tin box for storing the various nibs.


Manuscript Calligraphy Pen Oblique Dip Pen Set MDP2076

  • Manuscript pen-oblique dip pen set
  • Create beautiful writing and decorative designs with this pen set
  • This 8-3/4x4-1/4x1 inch package contains one dip pen five nibs in assorted sizes and one metal storage tin
  • ₹1045.00

    Manuscript Calligraphy Student Artist Dip Pen & Nib Set MDP282

    Manuscript Calligraphy Student Artist Dip Pen & Nib Set

    Manuscript Calligraphy Student Artist Dip Pen & Nib Set features the tools needed to begin creating beautiful hand crafted lettering.

    Housed in a handy plastic carry container, this set includes 11 nibs from 1 mm Tape Nib to Crown 41, two lightweight pen holders and a magnet to pick out the nibs from their compartments.


    Camel Artist Oil Colours 18 Shades 9ml Each, Multicolor, (118710)

    • Shades in pack: Lemon Yellow, Chrome Yellow Deep Hue, Yellow Ochre, Vermilion Hue, Scarlet Lake, Crimson Lake, Rose Madder, Magenta, Cobalt Blue Hue, Turquoise Blue, Prussian Blue, Emerald Green, Sap Green, Viridian Hue, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Ivory Black, Flake White Hue
    • Pigment rich and excellent colour strength
    • smooth consistency
    • Great coverage and Excellent durability
    • Use with purified linseed oil to yield rich results


    Artline Water Based Calligraphy Pen Set - Black - Pack Of 4

    • Product : Calligraphy Pens, Tip Size : 1.0,2.0,3.0,4.0, Ink Colour : Black, Set Of : 4, Included Components : 4 Water Based Calligraphy Pens.
    • Special Rounded & Triangular Grip.
    • Polyster Nib For Not Dipping & Leaking.
    • Water Based Ink, Dyestuff & Xylene Free.
    • No Bleeding Through Paper.


    Scholar - Artist Pad - Maestro A4 24 Sheets 270 gsm

    • Acid Free
    • Wire Bound
    • Sturdy Bottom Board for solid support
    • Perforated that helps tear easily once you are finished
    • Sheets : 40
    • Size : A4
    • Orientation : Landscape
    • Dimensions (in cm) : 21 x 29.7
    • Gsm : 270


    Scholar A3 WaterColor Pad Wired - Torchon (Rough) (300 GSM) (WRW3)

    • Premium Paper from Europe
    • Acid Free
    • 100% Woodfree Cellulose
    • High Water Absorbancy
    • Uneven Surface
    • Wire Bound
    • Sheets : 12
    • Size : A3
    • Orientation : Portrait
    • Dimensions (in cm) : 29.7 x 42
    • Gsm : 300


    Brustro Fluorescent Acrylic Colour Set of 6 Shades

    • Brustro acrylic paints are affordable colours that can be used to paint on all conventional art surfaces such as paper, cardboard, canvasses etc.
    • These soft bodied colours can be used straight from the tube as they wet easily on to the surface or they can be thinned with water.
    • All 6 colours in the range have been formulated to give bright clean colours when used in full tone.
    • All the colours are inter-mixable giving endless colour possibilities.
    • Set Size: 6 Shades x 12 ML
    • This set contains ??? Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Red, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Blue, Fluorescent Green


    Camel Artist Water colour cakes Set-Pack of 48 - 1048753

    • Brand Camel
    • Color MULTICOLOR
    • Finish Type Matte
    • Size 48
    • Special Feature Non Toxic
    • High Quality Pigments
    • Lightfast, transparent and clear tone
    • Ideal for Out-of-Studio Work
    • Contains 48 most required shades.


    Mont Marte Acrylic Colour Paint Set Signature 6pc x 75ml

    • Dries to a semi-matte finish
    • Good coverage and a creamy texture
    • Fast drying time allows you to layer paint quickly without muddying your colours
    • Suitable for most surfaces including canvas, wood, air-dried clay, plaster, cardboard, paper, leather and some plastics
    • Available in a range of colours


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